We welcome you to Redesign CPH.

We believe this is the start of something really special.

We offer you a dose of functional design and creativity and it is our hope you will discover new ways towards sustainability and green thinking.

We also trust you will enjoy meeting a bunch of weird, passionate and lovely people.

This booklet is our hand-picked information for you whether you are a customer or want to join our ranks.

Jette Skov

Manager Salvation Army Redesign CPH


     You can download the booklet here:

 The salvation Army and Redesign.

The Salvation Army has its origin in the poor areas of East London.

We were born on the streets, for the people of the street – giving room, hope, love and a new chance in life to those who saw no future.

As a Christian Church, we believe that everybody has value in him- or herself. We believe that lives can be recycled, upcycled or in ‘religious language’ transformed.

In that sense, we believe that every life can be redesigned – transformed.

We also believe that life and the world around is a gift, that we must take care of and be responsible for.

We therefore support recycling, upcycling and redesign not only of people but also of resources and the world we live in.

That is why we are proud to have Salvation Army Redesign – it keeps us true to our heritage and it gets us ready for the future. Transforming lives and the world around us!

Lars Lydholm

 Head of Administration 
Salvation Army Denmark